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Chakras meridians and nadis the seven main chakras are located at various points along the spine they correlate with various meridian points flowing along the spine there are 12 main meridians 6 are yin and 6 are yang reiki channelizes the qiki life force energy through both the chakras and meridiansi am a chrisitian and i have been healed through zone therapy it works you are so right that it works believe me my own mother ran the zone therapy school of south jutland for 25 years and she trained people to be zone therapists and acupuncturists with great successthe meridians connect and pass through the bodys organs like rivers of energy constantly moving flowing in and out of each other in addition to the energy channels already mentioned there are eight others the so called extraordinary meridians which run between the etheric and the physical body and act as a sort of energy reserve borrowing from the meridian points of the organs and how to balancing meridians chakras and auras the advantages and how to balancing meridians chakras and auras are what we will be describing here these components are influenced by your thoughts emotions body language and your lifestyle lifestyle includes the type of food you eat level of stress and how much time you spend with friendschakras and meridians on november 2 2014 article by angie webster when learn about how the physical body works we learn that there are organs throughout the body and that there are blood vessels and nerve endings that carry life force and information all around the body to and from these organs we learn that these processes keep us alive

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